Lords Of Metal


by Roel de Haan

The Slovenian based band Hellcrawler offered two other releases, namely the CD 'Wastelands' (2011) and a split 12'' with Wölfe and here we have the second full-length. Musically one can describe this band as death 'n' roll, in this case meaning a cross between Swedish style death metal and crust/d-beat style punk. It's obvious this band has a number of Entombed and Dismember records at home and they surely listened to some Disfear and Driller Killer as well. The record contains eight rather up-tempo and groovy tracks that are blessed with a good heavy sound partly due to the mastering by the great Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath and Infestdead). Although the band claims to be original I don't really hear that or it has to be that one guitarsolo or the odd thrashriff on the side. Furthermore I somewhat miss catchy choruses and I think this band is showing too much clichés. All together not a bad record but with a wall of CD's like this in my house, not something to get really excited about.