Album finished

We have finished our new album entitled "Sandstorm Chronicles"!!!
It was recorded and mixed between October 2015 and February 2016 by Janez Zega.
Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound in February 2016.

1. Unholyverse
2. Death Park
3. Grim Moira
4. Pathway in the Dunes
5. Hell's Gorge
6. The Last City of Seiyn
7. Sea of Storms
8. Wasteland Shamanism

More info soon...


Alive and kicking

No, we are not dead yet, although we had been through some personal struggles and line-up changes...
We have been confirmed for Krawal festival 2015 (this year we will surely make it to the fest!!!) and yes, we're finally entering the Thunderdome studio again to record "Sandstorm Chronicles". And then we shall hit the road again!


Finally we got "The End of Humanity" in our hands ...

We have finally received the split LP with our Australian brothers Wölfe. Drop us an email or purchase via bandcamp if you're interested ...


Beloved survivors ...

Some short news for you, beloved survivors:
- The package containing 'The End Of Humanity' is finally on its way from Australia to Slovenia after too many delays.
- Be prepared for the Sandstorm Chronicles LP!

But most important...
Our good friend Tomo from the legendary punk band Scuffy Dogs has always been known as a very strong person with a big heart. He was always there for everyone, always willing to help. Sadly, he has been diagnosed with a very serious illness and now it's time we all do something for him and show him our love and support!
Mostovna & his frends decided to set up a benefit gig with the aim to raise funds for Tomo and his familiy on 10th May 2014 at KC Mostovna in Nova Gorica (Slovenia). We, the crawlers, are just one of the bands who will play that evening.
Please, join us and show your support to Tomo! He needs you now more than ever...